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Tips on Selecting A Professional Handyman To Install Your IKEA Door Knobs And Handles


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Over the last few years, door knobs and handles from IKEA have been gaining much demand. Purchasing cabinet handles, drawer knobs, and other hardware from IKEA is affordable, and appealing as well. It is best to contact professional handyman services like A1 Handyman Singapore. Our professionals are skilled to do any door knob installation or door handle installation.


Compare Payment Methods and Prices

Each handyman has varying service costs, and some of them charge higher prices even if they conduct the same amount of work. It is ideal to compare the prices and payment methods of the professionals you have selected. Although, do not expect handyman services to be cheap. Additionally, you should compare their payment methods to determine which professional is easier to work with. 


Ask For Recommendations


Seeking recommendations is one of the things you should consider when hiring a professional door knob and handle installer. If you seek recommendations from friends and family, there is likely a chance that you will contact a reliable worker. In case there is no one personally close to you, try looking up online instead. 


Consult The Installer First


Consulting a handyman in person or online is ideal as well. A handyman can provide a full overview of the cost of installing your door knobs and handles. Although, before hiring a handyman, there are things to consider when buying door handles from IKEA or door knobs for your home. If you hire an inexperienced person, he might not finish the installation job. A reason to hire a professional handyman to install your door knob and handle from IKEA is they will be more transparent. 


Ask For A Quote


Another tip on hiring a handyman is to check if they will provide a quote to prevent going over budget. Once they give you a quote, you can see the full overview of all the costs for installing your door knob or handle from IKEA. If the installer cannot provide a quote, it is suggested to look for a reliable handyman service like A1 Handyman Singapore. 



Once you have selected the right door knob or door handle for your home, it is ideal to hire a handyman since they are convenient. Although, before hiring one you should be aware of the tips in order to prevent unfinished tasks or going over budget. Make sure that the handyman you will hire is efficient, skilled, and provide a quote whenever you ask for one. Also, keep in mind the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor as they both have different roles and tasks. 

If you want to avail of our handyman services at A1 Handyman Singapore, feel free to call us. Our professionals can install your IKEA door knobs and handles efficiently and in no time. 


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