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To Drill Or Not To Drill For Wall Mount Installations


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Real estate rates in Singapore are fairly high, so most homeowners would like to maximise the use of space available. In most homes, the wall space is largely wasted, so to make optimal use of the space, many individuals are hanging wall mounted furniture like wall-mounted shelves, home accessories like wall mirrors, clocks, pull up bars, and home decorations like hanging framed pictures. More likely than not, most homeowners know that the sturdiest way to mount these furniture pieces is through drilling services in Singapore. While there are other no-drill solutions, drilling is actually the most reliable solution to fix any item on the wall.



Benefits of Drilling For Wall Mounted Installations

One of the reasons why using handyman drilling Singapore services is the most preferred option for wall mounted items is because it is reliable and can carry a large amount of weight. The screw or nail used for the installation is fixed inside the wall, so the wall will carry the weight of the item mounted on the wall. Depending on the weight of the item being installed and other specifications, A1 Handyman Singapore will drill nails into the wall accordingly. We have extensive experience in wall mounting installations for various types of furniture pieces and home decorations. Our drilling expertise covers a wide range of surface materials including drilling into tile, drilling holes in plaster walls, and finding wall studs for drilling.


Hanging items On The Wall Without Drilling Holes

Many people are living in rented houses, and the landlord may have prohibited drilling holes into plaster walls to prevent any aesthetic or structural damage to the wall. After all, most landlord and tenant contracts will state that refund is not refundable if there has been any damage to the property.

Drilling holes damage the walls, and if the item is removed later, it adversely affects the room’s appearance. Hence people are interested in finding out how they can hang items on the wall without drilling holes.

They should be aware that usually only items that are light in weight like paintings or pictures, can explore other alternatives for mounting it on the wall without drilling. However, drilling services are needed for heavier items like TV Mounting or wall-mounted shelves.


Popular Alternative Methods To Drilling

There are a few alternative methods used for fixing items on the wall without drilling them. However, people should be aware that these methods can be mainly used if the wall plaster is not peeling off and paint is adhering properly to the wall. Keep in mind that this alternative method to drilling is only for lightweight items like framed pictures or small whiteboards,

  • Sticky picture hanging strips
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Reusable tapes or adhesives
  • Picture hanging kits
  • Press-in hooks
  • A bit of decorative rope to loop around on existing hooks and hang decorations off it


Pros And Cons of Drilling To Mount Things On The Wall


– Reliable way of installing items on the wall

– More durable way, will last for a longer period of time

– Suitable for items of all weights, including heavier items like shelves and TV brackets

– Can be used even when plaster is peeling


– Wall is irreversibly changed when holes are drilled. Though you may plaster back in a drilled hole.

– Drilling requires some professional tools and skills. Buying a drill with the right drill bits is also necessary.

– Some courage or drilling experience is required when drilling into different types of walls. Once you start drilling, there is no turning back.

– Safety gear has to be worn and safety precautions have to be taken. Read more on the dangers of DIY drilling and how to avoid drilling failures.


Hire A Professional Handyman Drilling Service

Hence property owners who wish to install any type of item on their wall, ranging from cabinets, curtain rods, blinds installation to TV bracket installation, should hire A1 Handyman drilling services since we have the right tools, supplies, and experienced staff to install items on the wall properly.

If you need more reasons on why hiring a handyman drilling service is the best solution for you, you can read more on the benefits of hiring a handyman drilling service.


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