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Types of Door Handles To Install For Your Home


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Currently, most households prefer using various door types with different styles and mechanisms. Usually, door handles improve your home’s appearance and security. Although, before installing a door handle, you must make sure to purchase the right kind of door handle. 

Just like installing a door knob, if you installed an incorrect handle it can conflict with your home’s theme. Moreover, it can harm your door, making them inconvenient. To prevent this from happening, take note of these door handles which you can buy for your home, and how they vary from one another. 


Lever Handles


Lever handles are considered to be the most preferred door handles. These handles are durable since they are made out of metal. They are also produced in large sizes. 

Lever on Backplate

It is important to take note of the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor before having this installed. The lever on backplate handle is fixed to a metal backplate. It contains a lever that is attached to a spindle that controls the latch.

Lever on backplate is mostly used for interior doors which do not need any locking. However, some models include a keyhole and a turn-and-release operation for more security. 

Lever on Rose

Usually, the lever on rose handle is connected either to a circular or square-shaped metal plate. This is to cover the screws and handle fittings. It has a wide range of designs and finishes such as brass, chrome, gun metal, and nickel. Hiring a handyman is handy since most models should be installed with a latch. Some models come with a keyhole or a turn-and-release mechanism.


Pull Handles


Pull handles are the basic kind of handles. They are typically used on doors that do not make use of latches. These handles are cheaper than lever handles. Although, do not expect handyman services to be cheap

D Pull Handle

They are normally tubular and D-shaped and are mostly installed on sliding doors or doors which open inwards. If you want this to be installed in your home, it is convenient to hire a handyman. D pull handles can also work as cabinet handles, and you can buy them in different finishes. 

Flush Pull Handle


Flush pull handles are recessed handles, and it is usually installed on glass doors or pocket doors. In some homes, they are installed on walk-in-closet doors or in place of wardrobe knobs. You do not need to buy them since they are already built into the doors, thus you can avoid locksmith scams. There are some models which include a lock mechanism, and others do not include any lock at all.


Thumbturn Handle

Thumb turn handles are used indoors. If you avail of our handyman services at A1 Handyman Singapore, we will install these handles on your bedroom and bathroom doors. They do not need a key to lock from the inside, which is great in case of any emergency. 



There are things to consider when buying door handles for your home, and one of them is checking the overall theme of your home. This will prevent you from buying the wrong type of handle.

If you buy the right handle, there are benefits, such as enhancing the appearance of your home and improving security. If you are looking for a professional door handle installer, feel free to contact us at A1 Handyman Singapore. Our professionals can also help you choose the right handle for your home. 


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