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Types of Door Knobs and Handles To Purchase


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Most doors have varying designs and operations. As a result, it is important to select the right type of door knob or handle. Once you have done the door knob installation or door handle installation, it will be easier for you to open the door. Additionally, it will enhance your home’s aesthetic. 


Here are the 5 types of door knobs and handles you can buy in Singapore:


Half-dummy Door Knob and Handle


This is considered to be the simplest door knob and handle since it does not turn and does not lock as well. It is a one-sided knob or handles that is intended for pulling. They are usually installed in cabinets, dressers, and drawers. Changing or removing a door knob or door handle by yourself is not advisable, it is best to call a professional instead. 


Passage Door Knob and Handle

These passage knobs and handles are used for interior passages which are not intended to be locked. They let the door be opened from both sides, and just like half-dummies, they do not have a locking operation. There are advantages if you install stainless steel door handles and knobs since they are durable. They also have a hygienic surface, which is why they are usually installed in open closets. 


Privacy Door Knob and Handle


This type of knob or handle has a lock to make sure that you enjoy your own privacy. There are great reasons to hire a professional handyman to install your door knob and handle on your bedrooms and bathrooms. Privacy knobs and handles must be unlocked from the inside to open the door.

A privacy knob or handle includes a basic locking operation on one side to prevent unauthorized access. In case someone is locked in or out by accident, do not worry as this is a usual problem with door locks. This door knob or handle has an emergency locking feature.


Storeroom Door Knob and Handle

Another door knob or door handle type to install for your home is a storeroom door handle or knob. This is if you have a storeroom, and you wanted it to keep away from any damages. It includes a key cylinder on one side for locking and unlocking. Also, there is a rotational knob or handle on the other side that can let you open the door. 


Keyed Entry Door Knob and Handle


Installing keyed entry door knob is common in Singapore. It also includes a keyed cylinder on the exterior knob, just like a storeroom door knob or handle. Although, the inner knob of a keyed entry door knob or handle is either a button or twist operation. This can let the door be locked or unlocked. Additionally, some HDB door locks work by including a deadlatch for additional security. 

These knobs or handles are best to install on doors accessing the inside of the home. Hiring a handyman is ideal, although there are things you should consider when hiring a professional door knob and handle installer.



There is a suitable door knob and handle for each type of room in your home or property. There are 5 types of different door knobs and handles that are available in Singapore such as half-dummy knobs, passage knobs, privacy knobs, storeroom knobs, and keyed entry knobs. Once you have chosen the right knob or handle, hiring a handyman is convenient since they can handle the door knob or door handle installation task efficiently.

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