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Usual Problems with Door Locks And How To Fix Them


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Door lock problems are very common in every workplace or home. Generally, you can encounter a lock problem because of several reasons. They must not be ignored and one must be repaired as quickly as possible or these common door lock problems may lock you out. Depending on the extent of the lock damage, the price of door lock repair services will vary.

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Changing the door lock all by yourself may be a daunting process for many. Many people lack confidence because the door locks are very expensive and not everyone carries mechanical knowledge. It is very important to trust professionals who have expertise in this field and has enough experience to carry out the repair work properly.


How To Fix Door Locks / Knobs


Door lock problems are common. If you notice any of the following problems with your door lock then you know that it needs repairing.





  1. Loose doorknobs/handles/locks

Your door lock has many different components. All these components work together to help the lock work smoothly. If any of these parts become loose or don’t function properly then you are going to face a problem with your door lock. This mostly happens when your lock gets old and rusty. If you ignore this problem then it’s going to get worse.


2. Misaligned door locks

Having misaligned door locks means the internal parts of the locks are not properly aligned. This will not let the lock function properly. To fix this problem you need to have the right tools and skills. If you cannot do it on your own then you should call for professional help.



3. Broken key in the door lock

A key broken in your door lock can be a great problem. To remove the jammed key from the lock requires a key extractor. This can be a delicate process as you don’t want to damage the lock while taking the key out. it may look very simple but it isn’t. If you face a problem like this then it’s better to call for professional help. it is better than dealing with the problem on your own.


  1. Jammed latches/locks

There are so many reasons why you get jammed latches or locks. However, the most common reason is the build-up of dust and dirt. It could also happen because the bolt or the latch is broken. No matter what the reason is, it is clear that your lock will need repair.


What are the solutions to try before door lock repair?


  • If the key is turning but it fails to unlock the door, then you have a problem with the door lock. All you need is to understand the mechanism that is going inside the door lock. You will have to reassemble the door lock and check for the parts that are worn out and replace them. You can also change the entire door lock system or you can change the parts of the lock.




  • Another problem that you will encounter with the door lock is the knob problem. The doorknob has a lot of movable parts inside it and sometimes it can become loose. If the knob faces any misalignment then it might not function optimally. First, you need to look for the spindle and see if it is damaged. You may have to repair or do a lock change. Before changing it you can also move the doorknob in the clockwise direction and it will help in tightening the screw. You can elicit the help of HDB door lock replacement services in case you are using an HDB door lock.


  • If you see that the door lock is jammed and is not functioning properly then you have to disassemble and check the door lock. If it contains any broken part then you will have to replace it or you will have to change the entire door lock set. If you fail to do it by yourself, then you can also opt for the door lock repair services.


When do you need a door lock replacement?


If your door lock is beyond repair then the only option you have is to replace it with a new one. However, there could be other situations too where you need to replace your door lock.

  1. When you are using an old door lock you should consider replacing it. This is not important only because your lock is troubling you but it is also needed for your safety.
  2. If your door lock cannot be fixed anymore then all you can do is get it replaced by a new one.
  3. You need to replace your door lock in case, you lose the keys and have no extras either.


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According to the number of requests we receive a day for door repair services, it seems that door lock issues are very common nowadays. Sometimes we get calls from distressed homeowners who have tried repairing their own door locks or door knobs and ultimately were unsuccessful. To be safe, feel free to use our handyman services and we will take care of the problem quickly and professionally.


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