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Ways of Detecting A Plumbing Leak


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With such scarcity of water across the globe because of climate change, the last thing that anyone needs is to unknowingly waste water away. A handyman plumber can fix the problem for you but before calling out for them, you need to know whether the problem is a plumbing leak or something else.

To get to know where the leak is happening from and what you can do to fix it, you can refer to your article on Common Plumbing Problems That Require A Handyman Plumber.


But, how would you detect pipe leak or water leakage around in your house?

Simple, just look for these issues around.


Ways To Detect A Leak

Here are some of the quick ways to detect a leak in your house.



  1. Check the water meter

You are technically going to use up more water than normal if you have a pipe leak going around in your house. The best way to realise that is by constantly checking the water meter.


If you are wondering how you can check the level of the water in your water meter for any kind of pipe leakage and such is by turning off all the water sources around the house. Turn off all the water taps and even ensure that the washing machine isn’t taking in any water during its cycle.

Once that is done, all you need to do is check if there is any stop in the rising of the water meter. If you don’t find any significant change in a few minutes, check back in an hour or two. If there is any kind of big leakage, the water meter will increase rapidly, but if it seems to gradually tick upwards, there is a small leakage somewhere.



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  1. Monitor the water bill

The next thing that you can look around is for the water bill. If you have any kind of leaking washing machine tap or leaking tap that you aren’t aware of, chances are that you are going to use up more water than necessary. If you are finding that the water bill every month is increasing drastically without valid reasons, chances are that the same could be because of a water leakage that you are unaware of.


If everything is all good, your water bill should, more or less, remain the same throughout it all. If the same isn’t the case, you do need to take a good look at the root cause of the problem.

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  1. Check the toilet bowl

Toilet leaks are possibly the most common ones around that people aren’t aware of. To combat that, it is best suggested that you get your hands on some food coloring.


When you look through our handyman service list, you will find that this is one of the common ways of testing for leaks. Pour in a few drops of food colouring into the toilet flush and let it stay like that. If you witness the water in the toilet bowl changing colour, it indicates that there is leakage around that needs a toilet flush system repair.


Why Does It Leak?

There could be many reasons for a pipe to leak. Some of the main reasons include:


  1. Foundation shifts

Even small shifts in your house foundation can cause your water lines to re-adjust. This as a result leads them to rupture or disconnect.

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  1. Corrosion

Another very common reason for pipe leaks is corrosion. If your pipe is old is rusty there are high chances that it will start leaking soon or it already has. If there is water leakage through your walls, you might need a concealed pipe leak repair.


  1. Changes in temperatures

Even temperature changes can lead to a leakage. The extreme change in the temperature causes your pipes to expand or contract too fast and thus, it starts leaking.

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  1. High water pressure

If the pressure of water is more than what your pipes can handle then it can lead to major wear and tear on your pipes. In worst cases, it may even cause your pipes to burst. The sudden change in the pressure of water is too much to handle for your pipes and thus, starts leaking.


How to repair the leaks?

If the situation is under control you can fix your pipe on your own. there are many options you can try before you call for a professional service. here is what you can do:


  1. Apply putty

You can apply putty to the source of the leak. This will immediately seal the leak. Before you apply the putty you need to turn off the water supply. Also, drain all the water out of the pipes. once you are sure that all the water is out you can apply putty on the leaky spot. However, this method can be used only for small leaks. For bigger leaks, you may have to call a professional service.


  1. Use a pipe repair kit

Some of the pipe repair kits come with special tapes that can provide you with emergency relief. Cut off all the water supply before putting the tape. You need to wrap the tape around tightly so that it can cover the leaky spot. You should know that this is only a temporary fix.


Both the mentioned methods are temporary fixes. Sooner or later you have to choose a reliable plumber handyman for professional and affordable help.

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How to prevent leaks?

You can prevent your pipes from leaking by following the given tips:


  1. Maintain the water pressure at a reasonable level so that your pipes can handle it.
  2. You need to check your pipes from time to time for any possible leaks. The moment you notice water leaking you should call a handyman plumber.
  3. If you are using really old pipes then you need to get them replaced.


When it comes down to fixing leakages, hiring the best handyman plumbing services is an alternative choice to a professional plumber. Whatever the problem be, even if it is engaging water heater services, you need to get it fixed before it gets worse and out of your hand.


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