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What Plumbing Repairs Can A Handyman Help You With?


Did you suddenly walk into a house or room flooded with water? While it hardly happens in Singapore, when you encounter this problem, it might spell an even bigger disaster for you. This can be a possibility from a burst pipe leak and can end up wreaking havoc in your household if you don’t hire the best handyman service in Singapore. For the most part, irrespective of whether it is for the water heater repair or even a mixer tap replacement, it is necessary that one gets it fixed before it gets worse than before.

If you are still wondering what kind of job a plumber handyman can sort out for you, we have listed some of the most important ones.


Faucet installation and repair

By hiring expert handyman services you can get your broken or leaking faucet repaired. This will help you avoid costly replacements.

The main advantage of hiring a professional service is that they have all the required tools and equipment to get the work done instantly. Call for A1 Handyman to fix your plumbing problems. Our fast response ensures that you do not have to sit around and see the water meter ticking up by the minute.

Case Studies:

leaking tap repair plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore HDB tampines wm 1

Leaking Tap Repair


Leaking Washing Machine Tap


Loose Kitchen Sink Tap



toilet flush system repair plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore landed hougang

Toilet repair and installation

Whether you want to install a new toilet or repair an existing one, hiring a handyman service can prove to be beneficial for you. They have the right skills that are required to get the task done. No matter what the problem is they can complete the task hassle-free.

Instead of dealing with your problematic toilet on your own, it’s better to hire a plumber handyman service. This will save you lots of frustration, and hesitation from getting yourself dirty. It is needless to mention that repairing toilet is undesirable.

Case Studies:


Toilet Seat Hinge

toilet flush system repair plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore landed hougang 1

Toilet Flush System



shower set installation plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore HDB toa payoh wm

Bathroom Accessories Installation

Contrary to popular beliefs, plumbing handymen aren’t just for clogged sink or fixing washing machine tap, they can also be called upon for bathroom accessories installations.

Often, the brand that you purchase the things from may not provide you the installation services needed. Or perhaps you have bought your furniture from popular online shops like TaoBao or Ikea, and it needs extra work to mount, install and get into working order. A handyman is so handy that they can help you pretty much with all basic home renovations or maintenance work that you need around your bathroom.

Case Studies:



Drainage Choke

If you are witnessing sudden toilet bowl choke or even issues with the drainage pipe, you can be assured that the same can easily be fixed by handyman plumbers. Handyman plumbers are no different than direct contractor plumbers. Handyman plumbers do come at many different levels, so it’s wise to know how to choose the right handyman for your plumbing needs. Plumbing repairs are possibly the most basic level of services in a plumber handyman service list.

Case Studies:

solve kitchen drain choke plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore hdb bishan




concealed pipe leak repair plumber singapore a1 handyman singapore condo clementi

Pipe Installation or Repairs

You can hire a handyman service even for tasks like pipe insulation for water heaters or pipe installations needed for replacement or repair reasons. If your water heater pipes are not insulated, you should get it done now. this is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs. By insulating your pipelines, it takes less time for the water to get heated, and stay heated.

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