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When Should You Replace Your Rubbish Chute?


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Rubbish chutes are vital to homeowners and property managers to maintain clean and sanitary conditions in their spaces. Have you been contacting professional rubbish chute services lately? The constant need for repairs is a sign to replace your old rubbish chutes with newer models. 

Get to know the common signs and problems that could highly need a rubbish chute replacement. 


Rubbish Chutes with Rust and Foul Odour


The smell of decaying rubbish and rust attracts a myriad of insects and pests, including cockroaches! These are among the reasons people look for a cheap handyman. They can perform professional rubbish chutes and other home repairs and replacements that could help prevent rusting and stop smelly odors from coming in.


Decreased Air-tightness


When your rubbish chute has tons of dents, you could lose the air-tight function, and foul smells and insects could enter your homes. Consider replacing your rubbish chute and installing your new unit securely when you hire a cheap handyman service in Singapore that guarantees value for your money. 


Old Rubbish Chutes

A good quality rubbish chute, old or new, should not produce any loud squeaky noise when you open or close them. When it does, experience the convenience of hiring a handyman for the job when you contact A1 Handyman Singapore. 

A skilled rubbish chute handyman expertly designs chute systems, provides high-quality maintenance services, and provides types of rubbish chute repairs. These professionals ensure your rubbish chute is in top condition to prevent deterioration and malfunctions from happening. Their expertise, experience, and professional tools make a handyman so handy for various rubbish chute problems you’re facing today!



How Will We Replace Your Rubbish Chute?


Step 1: 

Do you own an HDB rubbish chute? You can simply contact us, and we will do the rest as they only come in standard sizes. 

Condo rubbish chute owners need to send us the width, length, and other measurements. Based on your rubbish chute information, we can prepare professional tools and book the earliest appointment available. You can also hire plumbing services when your rubbish chute is near a leaking water tube and handle any common plumbing problems that require handyman plumbing services that would decline your rubbish chute’s performance. 

Step 2: 

Our experts only use professional tools to remove and install rubbish chutes. We won’t be hacking your walls during the process. If you do need wall installations for frames, mirrors, or art pieces, our handymen will be of great help!

Step 3:

Then, we work on our drilling services for the rubbish chute installation. Our handymen know the things to consider when drilling into any wall, so expect no unnecessary holes in your rubbish chutes and walls during the process. 

Step 4: 

After sealing the rubbish chutes, we thoroughly clean the area from debris and dust during the rubbish chute installation



Rubbish chutes save you from hauling big garbage bags down several floors, keeping trash inside our homes for days, inhaling garbage odour, hearing loud rubbish chute noises, or having insects and pests running around.

Prevent all these problems when you install a new rubbish chute and contact a professional for replacement services. Checking the reviews is one of the necessary handyman hiring tips to get the right service provider. When you need an extra hand, call A1 Handyman Singapore today!


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