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When To Call An Electrical Handyman?


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Electrical issues in the house can be a matter of concern if you don’t get it fixed on time. If you tend to have one single electrical issue, you can choose to either hire an electrician for the job, or choose a reliable electrical handyman. The choice is clear to choose an electrical handyman, especially when they can also provide other handyman services  you need around the house.

The most important factor to make your decision is to ensure you get the best electrical service you require at value for money. If you are wondering about when is the right time to call a handyman for electrical services, you might want to consider these factors before deciding on an electrician or an electrical handyman in Singapore.


Assess extent of damage

Say that you have been sensing and smelling a constant burning sensation for a few days. This is quite a critical issue that must be addressed quickly. If you can pinpoint where is the source of this possible burning smell (usually from light switches, power sockets or electrical appliances), you can then determine if the case is serious enough to warrant a more specialised electrical service from an LEW (Licensed Electrical Worker), or a general electrical handyman service will suffice.


A1’s team of electrical handyman are professional electricians by trade and are skilled and experienced enough to handle simple to complex electrical cases. Call or Whatsapp to enquire.


Calling in someone professional will help you assess the problem around and witness whether it is something to do with the electrical power, the electrical wiring or something else that needs to be looked into. Most of the time, a general electrician or handyman electrician Singapore can do most of the electrical work. The only different an LEW makes, is when building regulations require you to have an LEW supervise or engineer a large-scale operation.


Installation process

Yet another one of the effective and important factors that hiring handyman electricians in Singapore trumps hiring an electrician, is when the original equipment manufacturer does not also provide the electrical installation service required. As handyman in general are known to be less expensive than direct contractor electricians, hiring handyman services for the installation job should be more straightforward and cost efficient.

Sometimes, however, if the electrical installation may be more complex smart home automaton, or light design is involved, you might want to look for an electrician as there are more works involved and may require a larger team to execute.

It is very important to hire good and reputable people in the field if you don’t want do your new electrical appliance a disservice.


Renovation or Repair?

Are you requiring electrical services because of a home renovation or a home repair? If there were more extensive electrical works needed especially for a home renovation, it would be better to hire a professional electrician company rather than looking for a handyman electrician.

Handyman electricians are best suited for home repairs, as their varied skills are best utilised this way. Furthermore, not many handyman electricians in Singapore operate in large teams that are useful for the scale of home renovations.

Besides having higher headcount when hiring electrical contractors, choosing to hire electricians for home renovation will also guarantee a certain quality workmanship standard. Not saying that handyman services provide shoddy work or less professional works, but unlike electrical companies, electrical handyman comes in all sorts of shape and sizes – the renovation work that you may require done would necessitate a more extensive search for the right handyman for your needs. To explore this vein of information further, you might want to know more about the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor.



If you have your electrical switches or even the electrical socket malfunctioning, hiring the handyman electrician Singapore can get all your problems sorted through.

Getting these repaired is important and if you find that any of the electrical appliances or something similar around isn’t working its best, chances are that you need to get the same checked out for good. You must get your hands on the best handyman out there before something worse happens.


A1 Handyman Singapore’s team of electrical handyman are professional electricians by trade and are skilled and experienced enough to handle simple to complex electrical cases. Call or Whatsapp to enquire.


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