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Why Do People Expect Handyman Services To Be Cheap


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Home repairs come few and far in between. While something minor is not attended to, it can lead to it being more damaged and may increasingly cause an annoyance until you cannot tolerate it anymore, and decide to get it fixed. Home repairs may not be something that most will want to pay for because they feel they can do it themselves, but prefer to have the convenience. Or perhaps they just do not have the various tools required and may have spent the time to learn how to DIY, on top of the actual repair. As such, when deciding between hiring a handyman or a direct contractor, most would believe that a handyman is the cheaper option. But is there really such a thing as cheap handyman service in Singapore?




Myth #1: Many people are only interested in paying the lowest amount of the handyman services since they do not consider it to be a highly skilled job and the handyman is usually not well educated.

A handyman is so handy because they have gained a wide variety of skills to solve almost all kinds of home repairs needed from electrical, plumbing, aircon servicing, door repairs, locksmithing, and more. A handyman would have gained his skills by professional trade and over a long period of time, in order to be confidently skilled in a different range of handyman services. Most people think that the home repairs are considered minor, and believe they shouldn’t be charged too high for it. However, the value of a handyman is not about how long it takes to drive a nail into the wall, but where he drives the nail into the wall. You will save on time, frustration, and even money by calling upon the convenience of a handyman instead of DIY.




Myth #2: A handyman will usually be able to complete most of the repair work in less time, usually less than one hour. Hence most people think that the repair task is very simple, and do not want to pay much money.

Yet they do not realise that like other work, most repair work requires an amount of skill and training. Every industry and field has its own vast expanse of knowledge to gain expertise in. Imagine having to master electrical, plumbing, locksmithing, and drilling services to an adequate level to charge for the professional handyman service. Many of these tasks can be quite dangerous if not done right, and the handyman would have all the tools, skills, and experience to handle it expertly.

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Myth #3: Handyman is less qualified than direct contractors, and so they charge less.

Most handymen would have become a handyman in a few usual ways. They have either worked in a few different professions to accumulate the necessary skills and experience, apprenticed with an older, more experienced handyman, or took up these skills out of interest and went through multiple training courses to pick them up. Thus, they are not any less qualified than direct contractors. In fact, they might be more admirable since they are a jack of all trades.

So do cheap handyman services really exist in Singapore?

Like in all professions, the fees charged by the handyman will vary depending on the experience. Inexperienced handymen will usually take more time to detect the problem and also may make mistakes, so they might charge less as compensation.

Experienced handymen who, have offered their services for more than a decade are less likely to make mistakes, and also finish their repair work quickly using their expertise. The handyman’s price varies with the complexity of the task. Installing a tap or light bulb is a simple task, and a cheap handyman will usually charge about $40. On the other hand, painting a house will be time-consuming and expensive so the handyman will usually charge $1,000 or more for a large flat. Therefore, whether the repairmen you prefer to hire is either in a professional niche or a handyman, is based on what type of servicing you need. Read this article to know when you should hire a handyman or a direct contractor.


Myth #4: A handyman in Singapore is usually older, and does it as a hobby so they do not need to be paid more.

We hope most people do not think like that as it is true to say that everybody likes to be paid fairly. While most handymen seem to be in their older ages, that is common because of the years of experience they take to be really good at something. Most older people who are handymen have these sunset trading skills to rely on for their livelihood and should be paid fairly as it is their main income.

Some handymen are also much younger than expected, because of all the different types of training courses now available. As such, learning a skill is much faster and can be quickly picked up with added work experience.

Handyman skills are hard to come by in modern times as these traditional skills are phased out. As such, it appears that cheap handyman prices are a thing of the past.

Since poor quality repair work, can be very expensive for the homeowner in the long term, he should search for an affordable handyman who offers a warranty on their services for some months. A1 Handyman offers affordable handyman services in Singapore and has experienced staff who will complete the repair work quickly and efficiently.


Property owners should be aware that handymen have a large number of overhead expenses, like the latest tools, testing equipment, replacement materials, safety gear, insurance, licensing, business marketing, and travel expenses.

Hence, instead of only looking for the cheapest price, it is also important to hire a quality affordable service provider. After all, do you need more reasons why people hire cheap handymen?


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