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How A Handyman Can Help You Solve Common Aircon Problems?


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In every household in Singapore, air conditioners are a common sight. The air conditioner is frequently used. And if you see that it is not working optimally then it will disrupt your daily lifestyle. To beat the humidity and heat of Singapore, one needs to regularly service their AC. Whether it be professional aircon servicing companies or a handyman in Singapore, both are equally qualified  to carry out the aircon servicing. A1 Handyman Singapore has a long list of professional handyman services available for hire, including aircon servicing, at transparent and affordable handyman prices.

Common problems encountered in the Aircon 


  • Filter: In most of the cases, people encounter an accumulative problem with their air conditioner because of dirty filters or clogged filters. A dirty filter will reduce the airflow and cause the air conditioner to freeze. It is very important to check the air filter after every 3 months for an aircon cleaning.


  • Thermistor: Thermistors help to control the temperature settings of the aircon to cool the house efficiently. You need to check whether the thermistor is clean on the inside if the air conditioner is not working properly. If it is not working, an aircon repair is required.


  • Compressor: The compressor is a part in the aircon condenser, which helps in providing the energy needed for the refrigeration process and heat exchange. When the compressor fails to work, the AC will not cool down your house and you will likely face warm air flowing from your aircon.



Services offered during Aircon repairing 


  • The aircon service provider will clear the unit of AC. Starting from the filter, front covers, evaporator fin, and other parts will be cleaned to get rid of any type of debris. They will also clean the drainage tray.


  • To clear the debris from the pipe of water drainage, they will perform the vacuum process. By cleaning the pipe of drainage they will be able to prevent backflow of the water that causes leakage in the air conditioner.


  • It is always recommended to call your air conditioner technician to conduct a routine check on the AC. To maintain the optimal condition of the AC, some regular checking is important. Make sure that the electrical components like a thermistor, controller, refrigerant level, and swing motor are in optimal condition. Make sure you are checking into the water leakage issues and see if there is any unusual odour or noises. All the air conditioners services will help in looking into such problems.


Services to expect from A1 Handyman Singapore


A1 Handyman Singapore provides a different type of handyman services and among them, aircon servicing. They will provide you with services like chemical washing, aircon gas top up, and aircon chemical overhaul. Professionals will treat the AC properly. If you are looking for an air conditioner installation then you can trust both skilled handyman aircon servicing and air conditioner technicians.


After availing of the services for the air conditioner one will get will complete efficiency and performance. If you are neglecting the Aircon Maintenance in the initial stage, then you might have to spend a lot in the later repairing stages.


Reasons to opt for A1 Handyman Singapore 

A1 Handyman Singapore has professional aircon technicians in our team, with industry experience spanning over 10 years.  We provide exceptional support in a wide range of handyman services works at a very affordable and reasonable aircon servicing price.


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