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How to Hang Pictures like An Expert


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Apart from your loved ones who make your house a home, personalised pictures on your walls also create that personal space. Supporting numerous families in creating memories, we at A1 Handyman Singapore, are committed to delivering durable solutions for your pending household issues. With a pool of highly experienced professionals, issues such as drilling into the tiles, drilling holes in plaster walls, and other home drilling services is an easy task for us. Sticking to our motto of making things easier for families, A1 Handyman Singapore lists down a few tips on How to Hang Pictures Like an Expert.

  1. Identify where you would want to hang the picture

If you’ve identified the place in your house where you would like to hang the picture, that was an awesome start. But for those who haven’t yet,

  • Rule 1: Consult your spouse or family members you share the home with. Finalize the space where you think your artwork would look the best. Ensure the space for your art isn’t crammed.
  • If your artwork is dark, your background must be an ideally lighter shade that enhances your artwork and vice versa.


  1. Select the right materials

Once you’ve identified the space, choose your preferred way to hang your art, home decoration, or pictures. There are various ways to hang your wall-mounted items, but usually, it falls within the drill or non-drill methods. If you can’t bring yourself to drill nails into walls to hang your wall-mounted furniture or household items, there are other alternative methods; but it has to meet certain conditions. Read the following article to find out more on whether you should drill or not drill for your wall mounting installations.



  1. The ideal height to hang your picture

Before drilling nails into the walls or when drilling into tiles you must mark the spots rather than start drilling directly. For precise drilling, get your measuring tapes out. Measure around 57 inches from floor level. Next, you must divide your picture in half and determine the midpoint. This point usually should be straight at eye level.



  1. Stabilise and Straighten Pictures

For pictures or other wall-mounted pieces to not tilt or swing, use 2 picture hangers. For heavy pictures, consider a plastic wall anchor in the drywall. Avoid using wood screws in drywalls and vice versa. Using the wrong equipment will only add up to your frustration of the picture not being installed properly or the picture crashing down.


  1. Alternative hanging solutions

If you intend to hang framed pictures above furniture like your bed/sofa, ensure the bottom of the frame is around 6 to 12 inches above your furniture. If your ceilings are higher than average, then hang the artwork above the 57 inches rule. Another way to hang your heavy picture is to drive a screw into the anchor with a screwdriver. A few spiral anchors already come with special hanging hooks.


Why Calling a Handyman Is Still The Best Solution

Alas, skip all the trouble and contact us for handyman drilling services instead! A handyman already has all the necessary tools and knowledge to quickly solve your interior decorating woes. Furthermore, our handyman is also well-versed in condo and HDB regulations with regard to drilling services. This means, that we are also able to best advise you on some of the precautions to take or consider before any drilling services are to be carried out.

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