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Guide To Repairing A Stiff Door Handle in Singapore


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Once you have a door knob installation or a door handle installation, it can develop problems if they are not installed or maintained properly. A common problem is that the door handle becomes stiff when there is an attempt. To address this issue immediately, make sure to take note of the following steps: 


Why Does A Door Handle Become Stiff?

When you encounter a stiff door handle, hiring a handyman is handy since they have the right tools and knowledge to fix the problem. Fixing a stiff door handle is similar to changing and removing a door knob.

In any door knob or door handle, the tubular latch is considered to be the most complicated part. It is located within the door handle and involves a combination of apparatus that allows it to open and close. It also consists of a metal bar or spindle that rotates a metal disc positioned inside the latch.

Once the latch is turned, energy is transferred to the internal set of springs that pulls in the latch tongue which opens the door. Although, if the pull or lever handle is stiff, thus it is a sign of an underlying issue with the latch which will need repairs. 


How Can You Fix A Stiff Handle?

Step One: Remove The Door Handle


Collect all the required tools to repair your door handle. Remove the door handle using a screwdriver. The removal of bolts and screws will be easy or difficult depending on the type of door handle you have. If the bolts and screws are detached, slightly pull the handle from the door frame. Inspect if the handle has little grub screws on its handle neck that could be stopping it from coming out easily. In case one of them is present, use a wrench to detach them.

If you do not have the necessary tools or you are not knowledgeable in doing this job, it is best to hire a handyman. You should also be aware of the tips on hiring a handyman. To ensure that you will hire a professional, and prevent you from overcharging. 


Step Two: Check for Obstructions or Signs of Damage


Once the handle is removed, inspect for any damage that is due to foreign objects. While holding the handle, pull it numerous times and check if there will be changes. Make sure to also inspect if the spring connected on the back cam of the handle is damaged or lost. In this case, a door lock and latch repair or replacement is required. The handle is then applied with a WD40 to moisturize and loosen the damaged parts. 


Step Three: Remove the Latch


If your door handle has no damage, then the next part to inspect is the tubular latch. Using a screwdriver, get rid of the latch from the latch faceplate on the door’s edge. Afterward, slide the tubular latch, and once it is separated from the door frame, you can now check it closely. However, if you want to avail of our handyman services, do not hesitate to contact us at A1 Handyman Singapore. 


Step Four: Inspect the Latch Body

In case of any door latch issues, hiring a handyman is convenient since they know if it requires repair or replacement. Although, if you proceed with the procedure alone, you must check for any flaws if you are inspecting the latch body. You should be aware that a stiff door handle could lead to small door knobs and handle problems like a detached latch spring. You may also use your index finger out the latch bolt tongue, and see if it still works properly. 


Step Five: Check the Latch’s Rotating Lugs

Even if your doorknob or door latch seems to be in good condition, it does not mean that the latch itself does not have any problems. Keep in mind that door locks may also appear well, although there are door lock problems that will lock you out. After checking the latch body, ensure to also inspect the latch’s rotating lungs.

If the latch is damaged, then you should opt for a new door latch installation. You should also remember that many tubular latches have two revolving lungs on both margins which let the spindle move through. If the lungs get clogged by dirt and dust, then the operation of the latch may be affected as well.



A stiff handle is a common door handle issue that requires immediate repair. If you are confident that you can follow the steps above, then it will be easy for you to fix the issue. However, if you want to hire a professional, you can avail of cheap handyman services in Singapore. They have the right tools and knowledge, therefore they charge a reasonable price. 

If you want to avail of our handyman services at A1 Handyman Singapore, you may simply give us a call. Our handyman professionals are highly trained and experienced to fix a stiff door handle. 


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