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Factors to Look Out For When Engaging a Professional Handyman For Pull Up Bar Installation


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When purchasing a home pull up bar, people might make the mistake of hiring unqualified workers in installing their pull up bar. This causes their equipment getting easily damaged and spend money on repairs. To avoid going through a similar experience, here are factors to look out for when engaging a handyman for your pull up bar installation.


Make Sure The Worker Has The Proper Tools


When hiring a professional for your pull up bar installation, make sure they have the right set of tools and equipment needed for the job. This ensures your pull up bar is installed properly and securely. Inexperienced workers often do not have the materials needed to install a wall-mounted or a ceiling pull up bar properly. They usually end up using cheap materials like undersized screws. Additionally, they are inefficient and take a longer time installing a pull up bar. As compared to inexperienced workers, professionals are well-trained and acquire the right tools and equipment. They are more capable of installing your home pull up bar quickly and are less likely to create mistakes.


Try Checking Third-party Reviews Online


Checking the reviews of a professional handyman such as A1 Handyman’s reviews are very helpful. The reviews are normally by real customers and are authentic since it is not edited and filtered. This is different from official website reviews as they can be made by the company themselves. As such, google reviews are better and show the company’s reputation. Furthermore, it also allows customers to include photos together with their reviews.


Ask Friends and Family For Recommendations

You may ask family members or friends who have their pull up bars installed to recommend a professional handyman service to assist you. This can let you further evaluate the worker’s skill and experience more accurately than relying on online reviews. You will also have a better understanding of their work standards and servicing prices.


Make Sure The Worker Provides A Quote


One of the benefits of engaging a professional handyman for your pull up bar installation is that they are experienced workers who know the importance of providing quotes. With this, you now know what to expect from the project’s cost, timeline, and provided services. If there is no quote, then you might have to pay added costs and have a delay in the pull up bar installation.


Service Guarantee 

One tip before hiring a handyman to install your ceiling or wall-mounted pull up bar is to check if they have a workmanship warranty. This ensures that you can engage the same contractor again without additional fees, in the event where the pull up bar is not properly installed.



In order to avoid any inconvenience, it is important that you consider some factors to look out for before engaging in a professional handyman to install your pull up bar. Whether it is a handyman with a drilling service or a wall mounting installation service, you must ensure that they have the right tools and equipment and a workmanship warranty. This is to make sure that your pull up bar is properly installed and free from any damages. You may also read online reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and family to guarantee a quality service from their suggested handyman.


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This article was reproduced from Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore.