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When Do I Have To Replace My Door Locks?


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Repairing your door lock can sometimes be more convenient especially if it only experiences minor issues. But often, situations arise wherein a complete door lock replacement is the only option available. In this article, we explore some situations wherein replacing your old door lock is required. By reading them thoroughly, you’ll be able to guarantee your safety and security as well as avoid any major inconveniences.

When To Consider Replacing Your Door Lock Completely

The following are reasons for why a complete door lock replacement might be needed:


Moving Into A New House


  • If you’ve recently moved into a new home, then it’s vital that you have a new door lock installation done immediately. This is to ensure your security since previous homeowners may be in possession of a duplicate key. When choosing a replacement lock, make sure to choose an updated model which is highly durable and contains enhanced features. After doing so, contact a professional handyman for assistance with the replacement process.


Recent Burglary

  • If you’ve recently experienced a burglary, then it’s best that you hire a professional handyman to replace your door lock as soon as possible. This is because intruders may have damaged your lock while attempting to break-in, thereby compromising your security. By changing your door knob/lock, you can ensure that no further security breaches occur.


Wear and Tear of Existing Lock

  • If your door lock happens to be an older model and is currently showing signs of deterioration, then it might be time to have it replaced. This is because older door locks are relatively easier to pick and are more likely to experience usual door lock problems. As such, make sure to change your existing lock with a newer and more durable model so as to prevent any major inconveniences.


Existing Lock No Longer Works Properly


  • If you have a door lock which no longer works properly and are currently experiencing some common door lock problems, then check if any of your lock’s parts has incurred damage. Should you detect any major defects, then it might be best to replace your lock completely. Otherwise, continuing to use it may create major security risks. Seek the help of professional handyman services as soon as you can to avoid this.


Broken Key In Door Lock


  • Should you have a broken key inside your door lock, then it’s best to have a cheap handyman replace it immediately. This is because attempting to pull out the key might cause further lock damage and may even make it completely unusable anyway. To prevent problems which would require a door repair such as a broken key, make sure to have a more secure and durable model installed.


Rusty Door Lock


  • Rust on your door lock is a major indication that an HDB door lock replacement is needed. Though you can clean off the rust, there’s a chance that your lock’s inner components may have already been damaged. Moreover, it’s possible that a door hinge/lock repair is no longer viable due to the deteriorating metal. Thus, seek help from cheap handyman services to make sure that a longer-lasting lock is installed instead.


Lost Keys

  • Having your door lock replaced through handyman services is the best option in case you happen to have lost your keys. That way, you can reduce the risk of a security breach by whoever has gained possession of them. When choosing a model to replace your lock, make sure to opt for smart locks this time since they are essentially keyless. Furthermore, they are much more durable and secure compared to regular locks.


Now that you know when to replace your door locks, you’ll be able to avoid any difficulties when opening and closing your doors. Moreover, your safety and security can be guaranteed as well. But in case you continue to be hard up in knowing when to change your locks, then don’t hesitate to contact A1 Handyman Singapore. We can troubleshoot any door lock-related issues as well as install more durable locks with efficiency. View our price list for more information.

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