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When Should You Hire A Professional Door Lock Repair Service?


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Protection and security should be of utmost importance. To make sure that you always stay safe, you must install or replace your door lock with advanced security. These high-security locks range from double cylinders to digital. Although, once it gets installed, people will not pay much attention to it anymore. Therefore, security danger arises.

To address this issue, it is ideal to hire the services of a handyman. Although, you first need to understand the signs of a broken door lock. 


Suspicious Door Latch Function

The reason behind this is the incorrect locking of the door latch. This will allow you to close the door at times, although it also leaves many opportunities for a robber to enter your property. Once you notice that the door latch is not aligned properly and it does not click in position, then you should avail door lock repair services.

For major problems with regards to locking and unlocking the door, then it is the best time to look for locksmith services. If a handyman is offering you a cheap lock, you should know how to avoid this locksmith scam.


Recent Break-In


If you have experienced a recent break-in, then this is the time when you should replace your door locks. There are times wherein they force their way inside while harming your lock. In some cases, they manage to pick your locks, and it means that you should install a new lock with high security. 


Malfunctioning Door Lock


There is a break-in attempt once you notice your digital door locks are slowly working, or there is a delay in how the key turns. This slow response can be owing to someone kicking in the lock and using much force to enter.

Another reason could also be caused by people who want to make the lock weaker. They can use different tools to damage your lock without leaving any trace of it. Hiring a handyman is convenient to ensure that your locks are not harmed and it will always keep you safe. 


Visible Wear and Tear


After some time, locks will deteriorate which is normal owing to human use, and natural elements. Some people are just ignoring this issue, although this is a common door lock mistake you should avoid. Once a lock becomes corroded and sticky, it will be difficult for you to open and close the door. This will also be easy for burglars to enter your property.

Replacing your door lock is the only option, and hiring a handyman is handy since they know what to do. To avoid your locks from wear and tear, it is important to properly maintain your door locks. 


Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys get lost or stolen, there is a high possibility that someone can trace the key to its location. It is important to replace your door locks immediately. Stolen or misplaced keys lower the efficiency of home security by 90%.



Home security is very important, therefore to keep you always safe and protected you should be aware of the usual problems with door locks and how to fix them. Checking and maintaining your door locks is ideal since this will reduce the chance of deterioration, and break-in.

If you are not comfortable in fixing or maintaining your door locks, you may give us a call at A1 Handyman Singapore. Our door lock experts will help you fix your door lock issues in an efficient manner. 


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This article was reproduced from Little Locksmith Singapore.