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How Does Your HDB Door Locks Work?

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Singapore is one of the best cities in terms of safety and security and the standards are improving constantly. That said, It is still of utmost importance that you keep your HDB flats secure by replacing your old door locks with more durable ones to relieve you of any safety-related stress and to avoid usual door lock problems. If you’re moving into a new apartment or planning to upgrade your door lock, you should consult an experienced locksmith to get your door lock checked and upgraded. Fortunately, our professional handymen have long experience in locksmithing and offer their services at affordable prices. So if your lock requires some repairing, you can rely on A1 Handyman Singapore for a wide range of door repair services.

To know if your installed HDB door locks offer you the best protection and safety, you should first know how certain types of door locks work so that you can handle them properly. Although most handymen in Singapore are hired to install traditional mortise door locks, you can try purchasing a modern smart door lock that is easy to use and handle. This will give you freedom from using keys and can even send you data on your phone.


Common Types of HDB Main Door Locks

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You can get HDB door locks for your nearest handyman to install in many shapes and designs. However, each door lock differs in its features. To give you an idea, we’ve included the most common type of HDB door locks to choose from.


Mortise Lock

This is probably the most common type of lock installed by cheap handyman services in HDB condominiums in Singapore. To fit a mortise lock into the door, you need to first cut a rectangular pocket which comes with a sprung latch on top. Once you pull down the handle, the latch retracts as it is connected to the handle. Contact a door lock and latch repair services should your mortise lock experience any problems



This type of lock has some similar features to a mortise lock. One difference is that it works on a spring and thus locks the door when you shut it from outside. However, you would need to self-lock once you’re inside your home. It would be more convenient to hire a handyman to install this type of lock for you instead of doing so on your own.



This type of lock doesn’t make use of any spring or bolt and has to be manipulated by hand from the inside. That said, they can be prone to a number of problems such as a broken key stuck inside. In that case, you’ll need to have your door lock replaced.


Digital door locks

Digital door locks are smart door lock systems and use access codes instead of keys. As a result, you don’t need to worry about falling into locksmith scams when having them repaired.


Door handles

Door handles are important so that you can open the door properly and so that the elderly and children can gain easy access. Similar to window handles, they also come in different shapes and sizes.


Pros and Cons of Digital Door Locks

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If you intend to hire a handyman in Singapore to upgrade your home’s lock system, then choosing a digital door lock system over any other would be a great idea. But before you do so, you should take a look at its pros and cons.



  1. It is very convenient to use as you don’t have to struggle with any keys. All you need is the access code to unlock it. Moreover, they won’t require too many door lock or door hinge repairs.
  2. Digital locks are modern door lock systems. As such, they can provide you with extra security.
  3. Digital door locks are less likely to experience common door lock problems.



  1. Digital door locks are comparatively more expensive than other door locks. As a result, not everyone can afford to replace their existing door knob or lock with them.
  2. Although digital locks contain enhanced features, any issue they face will require repairing by a handyman or emergency locksmith with lots of experience and skills.


When Is A Door Lock Replacement Necessary?

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You know it’s time to have a locksmith change your door knob or door lock when:

  1. It can no longer be repaired by professional handyman services.
  2. It has been in service for a long time or contains outdated features


What Do I Need To Know About HDB Door Locks?

It’s normal to get confused by having various door lock options since they come in many designs, shapes, and sizes. This is because all locks are unique in one sense or the other. Though when it comes to the main door of most HDB flats, mortise locks are those commonly used.

If you’re thinking of opting for an HDB main door lock replacement, then you may want to explore the following facts regarding the locks most HDB flats use:

  • Most people look for cheap handymen to install either common simple key locks or deadbolt locks.
  • Key locks have a small cylinder that connects one side of the door to the other.
  • For deadbolt locks, your key controls the lever and accordingly either closes or opens the doors. In an unlocked door, the tang remains in the rest within the cylinder. When locked, the tang partially comes out to hook itself to the mainframe.
  • Tubular locks are the most common type of door locks installed by locksmiths or handymen on wooden doors. A bore is made at the door to install these types of locks. These are mainly used in the interiors of your HDB flats. You can have the option of the knob with a push-button.
  • In a mortise lock, you’ll see a sprung latch on top, which allows it to move down to lock or unlock the door. If you’re facing some problems with your mortise locks then you can opt for an HDB door lock replacement.
  • If your door has rim locks, you will notice that it is attached to the surface of the door. A small latch is used to unlock the door from inside. On the outside, you will have a smaller size rim with the key home.
  • Mechanical locks are termed as such since they operate using one or more pieces of metal. These fall into the slot in the bolt and prevent it from moving. Most locks used by homeowners in affluent places like Orchard and Sentosa are technically mechanical locks.
  • Popular electronic locks use basic electric current for locking and unlocking They are quite sophisticated and more secure due to their integrated alarm system. Although you’ll need to set key combinations and memorize them to be able to unlock them. Contact cheap handymen services to assist you if you wish to install locks like these.

Your home will only be safe and secure if you have a secure door lock installed by professional handyman services. So if you’re opting for a door lock replacement, you can get in touch with A1 Handyman Singapore for guaranteed workmanship and reliability.


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